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Blog posts about Connect

September 28, 2009

Read what Toby Bloomberg, Dan Greenfield, Bert DuMars, Tom Watson, and Karen Russell had to say about Connect.



Dan Greenfield on social media, Atlanta, and PR

September 14, 2009

Get to know Dan Greenfield in 4 quick Q&As:

Q. Your session is called, “Is Social Media Transformational?” Is this, in your opinion, an important question to ask? What do you expect your session to do in terms of answering this question?

A. I think it’s a very important to ask the question – because beyond the hype and hyperbole, social media is in fact transforming the message, the means to distribute it and the organizations that deliver it.  It decentralizes authority, redistributes power and redefines roles and responsibilities.

This session should define what social media is and its impact on the PR profession both in what we say and how we say it.

Q. You recently organized a PR/social media conference yourself. After that experience, what are your thoughts on the Atlanta PR community in terms of its knowledge, experience or use of social media?

A. Based on my experience organizing PR Camp Atlanta, I think Atlanta’s PR community like most communities in other cities is hungry for all things social media.

Social media is a moving target.  They want to manage its impact on the way PR is sold, practiced and measured.   They are realizing they are not alone in having many questions and few measurable solutions that they can take to their clients and bosses. They also realize that a generational divide exists between Generation Y and Generation X and Baby Boomers.  Young PR professionals have a more intuitive, personal relationship to social media, but lack an understanding of how to communicate with an organizational voice.  Their older counterparts may not how download apps on an iPhone or upload a video to Facebook, but they understand how social media fits into an overall communications strategy.  Together they can teach other how to manage change and deliver better results to their clients.

Q. What are your favorite blogs to read? Do you read mostly PR blogs, mostly media/comm, or something else altogether?

A. Increasingly Twitter is replacing blogs as my source for opinions and information.  Three years ago, I would tell anyone I knew to start a blog.  Now I tell them to use Twitter – even though I love to blog.  That being said, Mashable and ReadWriteWeb are essential blogs for anyone who wants to keep up with social media.  They help keep track of the latest developments and provide useful advice.

Q. What’s your personal favorite social tool to use? How has social media benefited you personally or professionally?

A. Twitter and WordPress. I wouldn’t be speaking at the Connect 2009 conference without them.  Enough said  (and I still have 35 characters to spare).

*** Update after panel discussion of ‘Is Social